Commercial Loans

Commercial property loans are used by individuals, companies, trusts or self-managed superannuation funds to purchase commercial property. Pricing and terms can be negotiable and banks typically set their own maximum loan amounts.

Commercial loans can be used for:

  • Investment – purchasing a property in order to lease it out.
  • Owner occupied – Buying in order to lease it to your own business.
  • Working capital – The loan finances the day-to-day operations of your business, or any shortfalls you may have.

The purpose of your loan affects the amount you can borrow, how your loan is assessed by a lender, and the risk level.

Commercial loans, depending on the property type and lender, can be very similar to some residential rates.

Gone are the days where commercial loans were always 2% more than your home loan!

As experienced and certified mortgage brokers, Sage Loan Services can assist with assessing your risk levels, and can also offer a range of loan structures that best suit your needs.

Why using a mortgage broker is a good idea for your Commercial Loan

The lending policies, pricing and regulations surrounding the commercial property loan space are complex, so obtaining the best deal can be confusing and time consuming for the investor.

By using the services of an experienced mortgage brokers, you’ll ensure that you’ll have at the ready:

  • A loan that is compliant to all regulations
  • Organised, clear and thorough explanation of your terms, fees and repayments
  • Strong negotiating power on your side

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Sage Loan Services is absolutely wonderful! The staff are so helpful and pleasant to deal with and Katrina offers sound financial advice. I would recommend Sage to anyone looking for advice on mortgages and loans.

Maree Stuart - Investment property purchase

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