Refinance/Debt Consolidation

By refinancing your existing loan you could save yourself thousands of dollars in interest or take advantage of features offered by another loan. Sage Loan Services will do all the research for you, including the calculation of any costs of switching. We will only recommend that you refinance if the benefits of switching are worth the costs.

Loan refinancing or debt consolidation may be useful if:

  • Your current loan, or loans, are becoming difficult to manage
  • Your circumstances have changed
  • You would like to save more on fees from separate loans
  • You have too many credit cards
  • You have car and personal loans that have high interest rates
  • You’d like to negotiate a better interest rate

There are many ways to approach a refinance, and it is crucial that you are aware of all of these options prior to making the choice to refinance. It can be risky to consolidate debts if you are not careful, or not aware of all the necessary considerations.

Understanding everything about your loan terms, such as interest rate, regular payment amounts, and early exit fees is an important first step. Reviewing your loan terms with a Sage Loan Services consultant is a great way to get a solid understanding of your responsibilities, options, and rights.

Before you consolidate your debts, make sure your new interest rate, including fees and costs, is much lower than what you’re paying on all the debts you are consolidating. If you end up paying higher interest, you’re losing money and making your problem worse. Sage Loan Services can ‘crunch these numbers’ for you.

Similarly, it is important that you make sure you understand all application fees, legal fees, valuation and stamp duty fees and costs that you may incur.


DID YOU KNOW? If you max out your credit card and only make the minimum monthly repayment you’re looking at managing a 60-year loan term. Not good!

Being proactive with facing your debt is probably one of the smartest moves you can make. Start taking control of your debt by booking an initial consultation with Sage Loan Services

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Thank you to Katrina & Brian. Your attention to customer service is second to none. As someone who is running my own business I need people who I can rely on to get things done and that's why I wont be calling anyone else when it comes to sourcing financing for all my business & personal needs.

Gregory Fickel - Refinance and Car Purchase

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