Financial Protection

As your broker we know how hard you have worked to buy your home or investment property. That’s why it is important to be prepared and protect the wealth that you have created.

Sage Loan Services offers a full suite of Insurance Options which include Loan Protection, Personal and Business Insurance as well as many types of General Insurance:

Loan Protection

We understand how hard you’ve worked to buy your home or investment property.

Unfortunately, unforeseen life events could impact your ability to meet your mortgage repayments.  We all like to think “it won’t happen to me”, but illness doesn’t discriminate.

It’s important to be prepared, just in case, and that’s where Sage Loan Services may be able to help.

Loan Protection Plan provides peace of mind if the unthinkable happens, without the need for any medicals! The product includes protection* in the event of the following:

  • Death and Terminal Illness: Pays a benefit to you or your estate based on the loan amount rounded to the next $10,000 (min. $50,000 and max. $750,000)
  • Critical Illness: Covers 11 serious medical conditions. Equal to 30% of the Death and Terminal Illness benefit.
  • Involuntary Unemployment: Pays a maximum of three monthly benefits at the rate of 1% of the Death Benefit per month (max. $2,500 per month)

+ Optional Accidental Injury Benefit, which provides up to three months of cover for disabling injuries where you cannot work for more than 30 days.

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Personal Insurance

Life Insurance
Life insurance is perhaps the first type of insurance that was introduced. Its main purpose is to cover you for death. Life insurance pays a lump sum benefit to your beneficiaries when you die. Hence, you can say that life insurance gives you peace of mind knowing your family is financially protected no matter what happens to you. It might not cover for all their financial needs, but it would be enough to ease up the load. Life insurance can also do the following:

  • Pay your family back for whatever funeral costs
  • Help pay mortgage and other financial obligations that you might leave behind
  • Look after your estate planning needs
  • Provide income for your spouse while looking for a job
  • Cover other extra expenses your family might have

Total and Permanent Disability Insurance
This type of insurance gives you cover and protection against total or permanent disability caused by an accident, illness, or injury. In the event you have sustained permanent or total disability due to the given reasons, you will be paid a lump sum benefit to help you with whatever expenses and adjustments.

Total and permanent disability insurance can be help you in a number of ways:

  • Helps you pay off expenses incurred by the disability such as nurses or medical expenses
  • Helps you with the expenses when you have to change your lifestyle due to the disability like renovating your home to fit your current needs and lifestyle.
  • Give you an alternate source of income if your partner had to quit work to attend to you.

Total and permanent disability insurance saves you from emotional and financial stress your family would go through if you became disabled.

Critical Illness Insurance
Critical Illness Insurance pays you a lump sum benefit if you have been diagnosed with a critical illness, such as heart diseases, cancer, or stroke. It also goes by another name, Trauma insurance. It is designed to give you money, especially when you need it. However, it should be noted that the definition of critical illness may be different between each provider.

Thinking of being ill seems morbid. But it is better to be prepared because sickness sometimes comes knocking on your door unexpectedly – a situation which you don’t want to find yourself in. It might even be worse if you are financially unprepared. But having Critical insurance spares you from all these kinds of trouble. It should never be an option because it can prove to be very helpful to you in many ways you can imagine.

  • Covers medical expenses allowing you to choose the best available medical there is.
  • It pays for medical equipment and rehabilitation costs
  • Allows you to pay your bills and other expenses without causing additional financial stress to your family.
  • Gives you and your spouse a choice to stop working in case you needed to be taken care of.

Income Protection Insurance
Income protection is especially designed to pay or provide you with a steady stream of income every month in case you sustained injury and has to stop working because of an accident. It pays a benefit of up to 75% of your gross monthly. It is especially designed so that you can focus more on the most important thing – your fast recovery. Income protection insurance accomplishes two things:

With proper and adequate insurance you will be able to negotiate the various pitfalls scattered throughout life. You would be a very fortunate person indeed if you could live your whole life without something drastic happening that could put you and your family in financial hardships. Some people experience more hardship than others but it only takes one serious event to occur for which you were unprepared to put you back financially where you could be forced to pay out your entire savings and sometimes even more. This won’t happen if you are sufficiently protected and it need not cost you as much as you think. Especially if you take into account the loss you will be exposed to if you were not insured for that particular risk.

These insurances can also be used for to protect self employed and business clients.


General Insurance

We have partnered with Ausure to further enhance our existing offering through Allianz to meet the General Insurance needs of our clients. We can now assist you in covering Home and Contents Insurance (for home owners, renters and landlords), Motor Vehicle Insurance, All type of Business Insurance, Public and Products Liability, Strata and Farm Insurance as well as Corporate Travel insurance.

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